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New store in Singapore sells only Kickstarter-funded products


Started by devotees of the crowdfunding site, this retail space features popular products as well as items currently campaigning for funds.

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Working directly with creators, Singapore’s We the People store is proving so popular that it is already expanding into other countries. Featuring products that got their start via the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, every item sold in the We the People store is accompanied by a detailed backstory including the amount of money raised and number of people who pledged support.

The company’s founders are focused on building relationships with the people behind the ideas. By providing creators with what is often their first foray into Asia, the store makes available the opportunity to build and expand a new brand in a more relatable, personable way. There are now four We the People retail spaces in Singapore with five opening soon across Gothenburg, Sweden, and one opening in South Korea. The online shop divides products into categories that include Coming Soon, Just Arrived, Accessories, Travel and Home.

The variety of projects and items successfully crowdfunded is vast, and Springwise has covered many at the start of their innovative journey to help improve some aspect of life and business practices. A smart water bottle helps users find the nearest refill station, and a new browser extension uses algorithms to mine publicly available sources to keep users informed about manufacturers’ ethical practices. How could the ethos of crowdfunding be adapted for use by public health or social care organizations?



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