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New tattoo indicates if excessive sun is absorbed by skin

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This temporary tattoo lets wearers know when their skin has absorbed too much sun.

LogicInk are a new company, and one of their first products is Logic UV, a temporary stick-on tattoo that changes color depending on the amount of sun your skin has absorbed.

The tattoo’s design consists of two rings. The smaller inner ring will gauge the strength of the sun. It changes color from white to purple when there is immediate exposure to the sun, signalling its current intensity. The larger outer ring starts purple but slowly brightens to a light pink color. This indicates when the wearer has absorbed too much sun and is close to actually burning their skin.

Wearers can apply sunscreen directly onto the temporary tattoos, and they’re also waterproof. LogicInk will also be offering the tattoo in an alternative design with a pair of parallel bars. Additionally, different versions will be available for various skin tones.

LogicInk are keeping the technology of the Logic UV very close to their chest, only saying that it uses ‘sophisticated technology powered by chemistry and biology’. What matters though, is that is does work. With skin cancer cases in the US alone rising to over 5.4 million each year, any help to prevent suffering is very welcome. The Logic UV is currently in beta testing and LogicInk are hoping that it’ll be ready for a full consumer launch very soon.

Tattoos have plenty of incredible uses in the world of technology. For example, a tattoo artist has discovered a way to embed words and music into a tattoo, while another innovation allows engineered bacteria to be printed into ‘living tattoos’. Are there any other opportunities that tech companies have missed?



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