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New tech available to rent via sharing platform


A startup is bringing the latest gadgets to the masses with a sharing platform that connect owners with renters.

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Wonder is creating a community of people curious about the latest inventions, technologies and devices. Anyone who owns a gadget they don’t use every day can list it for rent on the Wonder site. Wonder takes care of all the hassle, including providing accidental damage insurance. Therefore, if anything should happen to an item while it is out on loan, the company will either replace it or provide full reimbursement.

Created by a team full of curiosity, the platform is designed to bring new ideas to a wider audience. Inventors and makers are encouraged to list their products on the site as a way of reaching more people. Renting is quick and easy so the platform has been designed to help build social connections through inspiration and play. Alongside this the Wonder team provides all the set-up and instructions for a plug and play experience.

Renters choose the number of days they would like to use the product, then picks an hourly slot for both pick-up and delivery. Although the service is London-based with a delivery radius of 25 miles, the team already has plans to expand into other cities including Amsterdam and San Francisco in the near future.

AirBnB is a business model example for many new sharing platforms and economies. We have seen a wide range of products and services that have used this popular scheme to expand their business. For people who imagine themselves motorcycling on scenic open roads far from home, but don’t want to buy a bike of their own, a United States-based startup offers online peer-to-peer motorcycle rentals. Similarly, in the UK, another new peer-to-peer marketplace allows hosts to offer empty spaces to rent for a few hours.

Takeaway: Wonder is capitalising on the trend of millennials choosing to spend on experiences and renting over buying stuff. Could your business harness the sharing economy to create new revenue streams?



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