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New wearable detects alcohol in bloodstream

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Albuquerque, New Mexico-based start-up DermaTec introduces its first product, the OnusBlue wearable blood alcohol detection patch.

DermaTec’s OnusBlue alcohol detection patch is worn directly on the skin, much like nicotine patches worn by smokers. The difference is that instead of releasing a product into the wearer’s body, the OnusBlue patch changes color depending on the amount of alcohol that has been drunk. From white to very dark blue, the patch moves through a range of shades of blue, allowing wearers to tell at a glance when they need to book a cab or get a lift with a friend.

The patch works by analyzing the contents of the body’s sweat, and the company’s goal is to help stop drink driving. Currently raising funds on Indiegogo, if the campaign succeeds, the patch will go into large-scale production and be available mid-to-late 2017. DermaTec envisions the patch being used by for a variety of reasons, including medical, rehabilitation and law enforcement, and wants to create a social movement that celebrates the important role played by sober designated drivers.

Other innovations helping make socializing more fun, less work and still responsible include smart beer glasses that allow wearers to access special promotions and pre-pay for orders and new compounds that combine to produce hangover free alcohol. What other fun activities could have negative consequences reduced by technological developments?



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