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New wearable device interacts with fans at live events


US startup has invented an innovative way of engaging with fans and capturing data from live events.

With around one billion people attending live events every year and marketing being one of the strongest tools to share information, now more than ever, it’s vital to track fan data. A study by UK Music found that the music industry in the UK received a huge boost of around 12 percent as the number of people going to festivals and concerts increased to more than 30 million this year. Festivals like Glastonbury for example, are popular every year and see a steady rise in attendees, but this is by far not the only live event receiving rave reviews. It’s a similar story in the US, where a record 32 million people reportedly flocked to live events last year. But the one thing missing, is the opportunity to track fans and their experience – until now.

Tech startup Hurdl Inc. have come up with a device that allows engagement with fans in real-time as well as capture, process, and interpret millions of data points on audiences. The ‘Pixl’ LED wearable device can be distributed at the entrance to any live event and users need to activate it using a mobile phone messaging service like SMS. The device turns each fan into a unique light and allows event organisers to improve experiences by adopting Hurdl’s low-cost LED wearables. As well as registering their details, customised questions can also be sent to each attendee to their phone throughout the experience. Organisers then have the option to interact with the devices by illuminating them according to their answers.

After the event has taken place, fans are able to obtain downloads, prizes and other customised offerings in return for wearing the Pixl. This is a important move for events, as the data is also analysed by Hurdl and finding out the demographic of fans, driving post event downloads and online traffic as well as driving fans to merchandise and additional purchases are all great benefits of the Pixl as organisers can continue to interact with attendees.

Technology is one of the fastest growing industries and the entertainment world goes hand in hand. This innovation could be a stark move for the music industry and could even crossover into other live events, including sport, comedy and shows held at concert venues across the world.

In Ireland recently, app Firstage took advantage of the artists choosing to release their music online by allowing those who download their app, to listen to new musicians using AI. Similarly to Hurdl, it proves how fast the music industry and live entertainment is growing amongst consumers and also, how important it is to keep the technology moving up too. Could this be the boost the music industry has been craving since the death of the CD?



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