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New York hotel offers emoji room service

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Aloft Hotel in Manhattan is now offering room service via Emoji, enabling guests to place orders with playful symbols via their smartphone.

The list of companies using Emojis as a fun, shorthand alternative to traditional customer service continues to grow. As The Guardian has reported everyone from Dominos Pizza to Innocent smoothies are getting in on the act. We have already seen the WWF using the playful symbols to help save endangered animals, and now the Aloft Hotel in downtown Manhattan is offering room service via Emoji, enabling guests to order everything from painkillers to forgotten toiletries through their Text it, Get it service.


The room service menu is filled with fun and thoughtful packages: ‘The Munchies’ is comprised of a Coca-cola, Doritos, a Snickers and a chocolate brownie, ‘The Re:fresh’ includes toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, shaving cream and deodorant, ‘The Hangover’ gives bottled water, Advil, and bananas, and ‘Surprise Me’ is a mystery box filled with USD 25 worth of cool stuff. Guests simply text the corresponding symbols to the room service number and have their goods delivered to their room without any unwanted human interaction.

Where else could emoticons simplify ordering processes and customer services?



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