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The latest 3D printing filament is made of waste coffee grounds

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3Dom has produced a sustainable, biocomposite 3D printing material from the byproducts of coffee.

As the 3D printing industry catapults forwards, the issue of sustainability follows closely behind, as many printing material remain of plastic or other non-recyclable origin. Thankfully, there are companies like 3Dom, who specialize in offering eco-friendly 3D printing materials. Their newest product is Wound Up — a filament made from the waste byproducts of coffee.

3Dom — one of the largest 3D printing filament manufacturers — teamed up with biocomposite developer c2renew to create this new material. Not only is it environmentally friendly, an aromatic latte smell is produced as it passes through the heated printer. The products printed also feature a unique color and natural grain textures due to the inconsistencies in the coffee grounds.

The Wound Up filament is made up of a coffee-PLA mixture, and available in 1.75 and 2.85mm. It is priced at USD 49 per kg, and packaged with the company’s trademarked Eco-Spool, which is made up of 100% bio-based materials. The collaboration is expected to offer a range of biocomposite filaments in the future — what material will be next?



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