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News aggregator analyzes emotional content across political spectrum

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Left/Right News presents articles from left and right wing sites, and uses IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer to indicate the political mood.

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In polarized political climates, finding unbiased news sources can be tricky. We’ve previously seen an app that attempts to rectify this by providing three sides to every news item, and now Left/Right News aims to highlight the tonal bias across the political spectrum.


The platform, from Telegraph Creative, provides an aggregation of news items from known left and right wing-leaning news sources across the web, presenting them across a split page for comparison. Neutral linguistic analysis is then carried out using IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer to provide an overview of five distinct emotional indicators — anger, disgust, fear, joy, and sadness. Each emotion then receives a score from 0-100.

Right-leaning sources include Fox News, Breitbart, Young Conservatives, while left-leaning news outlets feature Mother Jones, Alternet and The Nation. Users can also toggle the split screen to view more articles from either side.

Could AI algorithms such as the Tone Analyzer inform editorial decision-making, or work as a browser extension for the everyday news reader?



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