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Stream offers app developers streaming frameworks and functionality support for building an experience-enhancing newsfeed.

Coming up with a new app can be the easy part — getting down to the design and manufacturing stage is often when teams fall short. That’s why we’re starting to see startups offering niche app-building services, such as inserting Siri-like functions onto apps, and maximizing smartphone sensor data. Stream wants to help app developers improve user experience with feed streaming functionalities.


Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter use activity streams to make their newsfeeds interesting, updatable and easy to user-optimize. Stream offers clients a robust framework to build their own newsfeed into apps, allowing users to craft streams that enhance their app’s unique user experience. Stream takes care of feed maintenance and the basic backend architecture, also providing secure data storage on its own servers. Clients are encouraged to use Stream as a beginning point for their apps — scalability is built into the platform and priced accordingly, with clients signing up for free, and moving up through paid packages starting from USD 49 per month. Stream will even export an in-house solution if desired.

A responsive newsfeed catering to users’ needs will help a variety of apps, from music recommendation services to the newest pet social network. What other niche services could see to the needs of burgeoning app developers?




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