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NFC-enabled packaging

NFC-enabled packaging offers beauty tips


Beauty lovers can scan hair styling products with their smartphone to view tutorials and detailed item information.

The internet has revolutionised the beauty industry, offering fans a plethora of tutorials, up-to-date news on the latest product launches, and latest big names in the makeup world at the click of a mouse. This online world and retail has merged, with social media influencers working with stores to promote the latest in beauty trends and buys.

Professional hair care brand Indola has further merged the two worlds with the used of NFC (near-field communication) technology on its products. The NFC technology works by enabling it on a smartphone and scanning the icon on specially labelled products. The user is then taken to curated content linked to the scanned item, such as tutorials and details on how to use the product. The #SimplySmarter campaign is targeted at beauty lovers and independent hairdressers alike, as it can be used as an educational tool to perfect a skillset. With this in mind, the campaign promotes smarter products, smarter looks, smart support and smarter education.

Online influencers have had a huge impact on the beauty industry, with social media playing an integral part to advertising campaigns in ways many brands could have never predicted a decade ago. Now companies are aware of the huge impact such social media stars can have on sales, services such as a digital marketplace that connects such stars with brands and another that helps digital sports influencers get sponsored by brands are becoming increasingly popular. How could recruiting an online influencer boost your company’s profile?



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