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NFC ring unlocks wearers' smartphones and shares contact details

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China's GEAK has developed a ring that uses NFC to unlock the wearer's smartphone only when they're holding it.

Near-field communication (NFC) has already been used by Ford and ad agency Ogilvy Paris for their Keyfree Login app, which enables computer users to automatically log out of all of their accounts when they’re away from their computer. As consumers increasingly shift their important data onto mobile devices, China’s GEAK has developed a ring that uses NFC to unlock the wearer’s smartphone only when they’re holding it.

Users can store their device’s password on the ring, which automatically grants access when it comes into near-contact with the handset – ie. when the owner is holding it in their hand. When the handset is moved away from the ring, the phone is locked as well as having to option to go into standby, saving battery life. Users can also store their contact details on the ring and easily copy them to another device simply by holding it. The GEAK ring currently only works with the company’s own Eye and Mars smartphones, although it is set to add compatibility with Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo by November.

While it’s unclear what – if any – security the ring will have against NFC cloning, it could be a convenient and fun way for smartphone owners to interact with their devices. Priced at a fairly inexpensive CNY 199, could this idea be developed as a genuine solution to secure mobile data?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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