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Niche vending: hot knish and kosher dogs


Consumers who eat only certified kosher food have had limited on-the-go options, creating a gap in the market that Kosher Vending Industries is happy to fill with their new Hot Nosh 24/6 vending machines. (Although the machines run 24/7, Orthodox Jews don’t use electric devices during Sabbath.) According to KVI, Hot Nosh 24/6 is the first vending machine to serve hot food that’s certified kosher. Hot Nosh 24/6 currently offers two configurations: a hot dog machine serves up three types of hot dogs/sausages, with a built-in condiment dispenser. A second machine offers a range of hot snacks, including deep dish cheese pizza, mozzarella sticks, veggie cutlets, potato knish and onion rings. Earlier this year, KVI attracted a large investment from Ruby Azrak, former Phat Farm executive and partner to hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, and the company is now seeking vending operators around the US to expand nationwide. Hot Nosh 24/6 machines will be installed at hospitals, malls, airports and colleges. One to partner with and distribute in other parts of the world? Or find your own niche—how about vegan or halal? (Related: Halal baby foodVending goes organic.) Spotted by: Michael Mandel



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