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No frills hearing aid vibrates when it detects loud noises

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Soundsense, priced at USD 25, is a new wearable from Furenexo that uses a microphone to help the hearing impaired receive audio awareness.

Here at Springwise, we have been excited to cover recent advances using technology to assist or improve the lives of those who are hard of hearing. We have seen smartphone used as hearing aids, jewelry which conceals powerful hearing assistance, and software used to smooth interactions between the hearing and non-hearing world. Now, SoundSense by Furenexo is an affordable wearable which alerts users to sounds in their environment above a certain noise level.

The simple gadget aims to build the confidence of individuals who cannot hear and empower them to venture out into unfamiliar environments. SoundSense is particularly aimed at the profoundly deaf who cannot take advantage of recent developments in hearing aid technology. The device consists of a microphone connected to a chip and a small motor which detects noises above a certain volume and vibrates to alert the user. The noises spotted could be anything from a fire alarm or police siren to a shout from a friend across the street. SoundSense will be priced affordably at USD 25 or less with the aim of it being easily provided at schools and centers for the deaf.

The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and the video below explains the concept in more detail.

What other existing tech can be used to help those hard of hearing?



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