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Noodle brand launches hangover cab service for office workers

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Kabuto Noodles has launched its new Kab-U-To Work service, which has been chauffering workers back to the office the day after their festive party celebrations.

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Party-goers in Las Vegas have already been able to take advantage of Hangover Heaven, the touring bus equipped with medical and therapeutic remedies to help them beat their hangover. Now a UK noodle company is offering office workers its new Kab-U-To Work service, which has been chauffering them back to work the day after their festive party celebrations.

Commuters who can’t face the London Underground after their office Christmas party simply pre-book their taxi via email or Twitter, detailing the time and location they need picking up. Once in the cab, passengers are treated to a pot of hot Kabuto soup noodles and a fresh orange juice. The driver also plays relaxing music on the way to the office, and leaves customers with a recovery kit containing a pair of sunglasses, some aspirin, and a pack of breath mints. The service helps commuters avoid the pain of crowded trains while they’re in a fragile state while also giving them an opportunity to sample Kabuto noodles.

Launched in December, the scheme went on trial in London only until Christmas Eve and was free to book. After its success, the company hopes to provide a similar service in other cities to help spread word of the brand. Are there other ways to give potential customers a treat to help create positive brand associations like this?

Spotted by Lily Dixon, written by Springwise



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