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The grocery chain redefining food waste


Walmart is aiming to reduce food waste by selling apples that would normally fail aesthetic grading standards.


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We’ve covered many examples of small businesses targeting food waste reduction, such as a restaurant that serves meals with ingredients past their sell by date, soups made from ‘ugly’ veg and edible powders made from freeze-dried fruit that’s almost reached expiration. Now, one of the world’s biggest grocery store franchises is also aiming to reduce food waste.


Walmart has launched I’m Perfect, an initiative where apples with aesthetic imperfections will be sold in it’s supermarkets. The exterior blemishes or shape deformities that render apples unsellable by traditional grading systems can be caused by unusual weather patterns, and as well as resulting in large amounts of food wastage are also detrimental to farmers’ fortunes. The I’m Perfect initiative works with farmers in Washington State, with of a range of apple varieties rolling out in 300 of it’s Florida supermarkets.

How else could large grocery store chains reduce food waste?



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