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Nursing monitor helps mothers breastfeed

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Momsense is a smart breastfeeding meter that enables parents to see and hear how much milk their baby is getting in real-time.

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Even though breastfeeding is often the best way of feeding babies, nearly 50 percent of mothers give up because they are not sure that their baby is getting enough milk. Now, Momsense is a smart breastfeeding meter enabling parents to see and hear how much milk their baby is getting in real-time, and monitor their nursing habits.

The Momsense kit consists of a baby monitor, a pair of earphones and a smartphone app. To begin, the mother launches the app, plugs in the earphones and places the sensor below the baby’s earlobe. They then put their device on airplane mode to avoid any emission and begin breastfeeding as usual. The earphones enable the mother to hear the sound of their baby’s swallows, providing reassurance that they are feeding well. Users can also watch an abstract animation on their smart device that shows the patterns of feeding. After each breastfeeding session, the app provides a nursing report, showing how much milk the baby has had.


Momsense is currently available for USD 89. How else could smart technology help new mothers keep an eye on their baby’s progress?



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