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In Oakland, a pop-up retail neighborhood for urban renewal


In Oakland, popuphood offers free retail space in unused buildings to local entrepreneurs for six months.

Similar in many ways to Renew Australia’s efforts to connect artists and community projects with vacant buildings to revive derelict areas, popuphood in Oakland, San Francisco is an urban initiative offering free retail space in unused buildings to local entrepreneurs, in yet another variation of the pop-up concept. Popuphood was launched in December 2011 by Alfonso Dominquez and Sarah Filley to encourage urban renewal in Oakland where — despite a thriving bar and restaurant scene — retail is struggling. The project started in the historic neighborhood of Old Oakland, filling five previously vacant store fronts with five new retail shops, including a jewellers and art gallery. The project’s main focus is to support the local community, providing them with a vibrant shopping area and giving local artists, designers and retailers the opportunity to open their own store for six months, rent free. By building cross-sector partnerships with state and federal governments and economic development professionals, popuphood hope to incubate small businesses and create a dynamic community-centric neighborhood, optimizing empty retail space block by block. The video below explains popuphood in more detail: As (still) made here appeal continues to influence consumer decisions, the concept of popuphood addresses consumer demand as well as an economic and social problem. Inspiration to revive a tired area near you? Spotted by: Christine Aiko Beck



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