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Springwise Updates — October 2011


Innovations and updates from businesses previously featured on Springwise

The new businesses we feature on Springwise are constantly growing and developing new products and services, and we thought it was about time we shared some of their news with you. The businesses below have all kept us up to date with their recent progress:
Lucky Seven
The cap-makers that specialize in caps sporting fictional brands from movies and popular culture recently launched a kids’ series from a new website: Read our article on Lucky Seven >>
Four months after launch, the charity which asked users to donate the value of their favorite meal reported having already provided 230,000 meals to hungry children. Read our article on WeFeedback >>
The pantyhose subscription service has expanded its range, now offering other replacable products such as tampons, condoms and razors on subscription. Read our article on Hoseanna >>
After initial success inviting tired workers to take a rest in specially designed sleep pods in London’s Canary Wharf, the company have now begun selling the pods to offices for in-house power napping. The pods feature a digital radio and headphones, magazine rack, mirror, lockable doors, and can be branded and designed to suit the client’s taste. Read our article on Podtime >>
The company which matchmakes connections based on shared musical preferences recently launched Event Matchmaker, a service that facilitates real-world meet ups at concerts. Read our article on Tastebuds >>
The iPad magazine which adapts to reader’s interests based on their reading habits was recently purchased by CNN. Mark Johnson, CEO of Zite, said “In CNN, we have found a partner who shares our vision and passion. Being part of the CNN family gives us the capital to grow Zite’s business and continue to innovate in the space.” Read our article on Zite >>
The Dutch startup which enabled iPhone users to be paid for small location based tasks raised half a million euros within a month of launch, following an investment from a private investor. Now reporting over 600 Roamler workers and over 3800 assignments set, the average Roamler user has completed over 6 jobs. Read our article on Roamler >>
The simplified web building service recently introduced the option to purchase new domain names or use a domain name already owned. For example , now users can have, rather than Read our article on >>
Pulling data from their free online calendar of planned future global events and meetings, the new Tomorrow app from Zapaday has branded itself as ‘the news of tomorrow’, letting readers know about upcoming events. Read our article on Zapaday >>
The reusable and foldable water bottle company recently launched a limited edition artists series, featuring designs from emerging artists around the world. Read our article on Vapur >>