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Office surfboard for standing desks

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The Wurf Board is a springy platform that encourages movement and gentle exercise throughout the workday.

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The last couple of years have seen countless innovative working spaces emerge, in the face of terrifying statistics about the dangers of sitting at a desk all day. We’ve seen magnetized desks for horizontal workers , convertible desks that enable mid-afternoon recharge naps, and numerous standing desks. But research shows that simply standing still during work hours might have just as many negative health implications as sitting, so startup JumpSport is offering a solution in the form of the Wurf Board — a springy platform that encourages movement and gentle exercise throughout the workday.


The Wurf Board is an inflatable paddle board designed as an accessory to a standing desk. Drop-stitch construction creates tension between the top and bottom surfaces, creating a bouncy platform that encourages continuous micro movements. Users simply stand on the Wurf Board while they work and make constant subtle movements, which can improve posture and blood flow, and strengthen their feet, legs, core and back. The device is light and portable and can be easily slipped in and out of position. It can also be used as an exercise mat — for brief bursts of at-desk cardio.


The Wurf Board is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter where pledgers can preorder one from USD 159, for expected delivery in February 2016. JumpSport will donate one Wurf Board to local schools for every 10 devices purchased. Could other sports equipment be used as inspiration for office furniture?



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