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Old bikes to unique rides

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Of the millions of new bicycles sold each year, thousands end up neglected, abandoned or gathering dust in garages or sheds. British Specialbike has set out to change that by refurbishing old bikes with precision craftsmanship and high-end parts. The result? Sleek and stylish one-of-a-kind bicycles. Specialbike breathes new life into beaten down bikes—even ones that may seem far beyond salvaging—by stripping down the reusable components, sandblasting to remove old paint and rust, powder-coating the frame in a selection of eye-popping colours, and then rebuilding the bike to meet custom specifications. Customers can bring in their own bikes to be rebuilt. Or they can request a certain type of bike, and Specialbike’s staff will hunt one down to restore. After taking the time to discuss each customer’s unique needs and preferences, the finished product is designed and manufactured specifically for him or her, usually in just a couple weeks’ time. Customers who don’t want to wait can choose from refurbished bikes that have already been completed. Either way, customers are ensured they’ll be coasting along on a unique ride. Prices range from GBP 250 to GBP 1,000. A “Pimp My Ride” for the two-wheeled crowd, Specialbike offers a perfect blend of recycling and custom tailoring—promoting its own brand of reuse, while encouraging one of the greenest forms of transit and offering consumers a one-of-a-kind product. It’s a concept that could easily take off in any (affluent) urban area suited to bicycle traffic. More bicycle business ideas: Bikevertising, City bicycle schemes and Old-fashioned bikes for the new world. Spotted by: Iain Tate



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