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Walking cane for seniors, upgraded with style


Making everyday products more functional for senior citizens doesn’t have to mean making those products more ugly, as UK home renovation firm Ruby Slippers has already demonstrated. New York-based Omhu is a company with a similar philosophy. Its flagship product — the Omhu Cane — is a walking stick that brings smart design and new style to a category sorely in need of upgrading. The Omhu Cane is “a walking stick with attitude,” in the company’s own words. Inspired by Scandinavian furniture as well as “bicycles, hockey sticks and skateboards,” the cane features cheerful colours and a generous birch handle with grip strips that not only offer better hold, but also don’t slip when leaned against a wall. The wood is hand-treated with Livos oil for an all-natural, non-toxic, plant-based finish, while the lightweight, high-strength aluminum shaft is finished in American bicycle paint. The Omhu Cane’s patent-pending tip, meanwhile, is made from the same material as high-performance athletic shoes for cushioning, traction and support. Available in six colours, the Omhu Cane is priced at USD 125. Aging may be inevitable, but drab style and lackluster performance don’t have to be. Good design, in fact, is just one more way to target the senior demographic in a positive, empowering way — as opposed to all the early approaches focusing on illness and limitations. There will be more than 1.5 billion people worldwide over the age of 65 by the year 2050, according to the US Census Bureau. Isn’t it time to upgrade the way they’re served…? (Related: Phone support for seniors, by seniorsFun and funky first aid kitsBeing spaces for seniorsTravel insurance for over-60sHealth and wellness shop focuses on seniorsStylish fire protection kits.) Spotted by: Coolhunting



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