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On-demand air service cleared for take-off

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DayJet announced yesterday that it has received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to use VLJs (very light jets) for its on-demand air carrier service. As we pointed out when we initially covered DayJet, their planes aren’t they only thing that makes them stand out. The company has spent five years developing the world’s first fully automated fleet operations system. Highly sophisticated planning software enables DayJet to sync members’ bookings to create the most efficient use of crews and machines. Which allows them to offer on-demand flights at a modest premium to regular full-fare coach tickets, connecting smaller cities that currently have little or no scheduled service. Over the next few weeks, DayJet will begin activating member accounts via its online reservation system, allowing members to make reservations and board those microjets for destinations in the southeast United States. One to watch as they start taking flight!



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