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Taiwanese innovation, PairLock, enables users to create and share numerical combinations for any lock.

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In a world where we are asked to remember so many passwords and lug around so many keys, ideas that can help individuals simplify and consolidate their security systems are welcomed. To date, Springwise has covered this keyless entry system to help Airbnb hosts manage their booking arrivals remotely, and this bracelet which uses an individual’s heart pattern to unlock their personal devices. PairLock is a lock innovation which uses a mixture of password functionality and standard key safety to provide one key to unlock many locks.

Formerly launched as My Own Locksmith, under which name it won Germany’s Red Dot Design in 2014, the lock comes with a key and a ‘lock core’, both of which are configured to match each other. The idea is designed to tackle some of the problems traditionally associated with locking things up. For example, when a new tenant moves in, there is no need to replace locks. Instead, landlords can simply change the combination needed to use the key. Similarly, by making sure that a certain number of multiple users’ digits overlap, the system can be used to create a master key, where each individual can also access their own private spaces. The design also makes sharing easier, since combinations can be shared via text to someone who also uses the PairLock system.

The product is designed with what the company calls a Digit Wheel which customers rotate to change the combination. If customers are concerned about a standard four-digit passcode offering not enough security, additional digit wheels can be added.

The company is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo and have raised 21,000 USD at the time of writing. How else can innovators use technology to simplify day-to-day tasks?



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