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One-push panic button sends audio to friends and family

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Wearsafe is a wearable device that will start a group chat when activated, so those in the network of a distressed user can figure out how to help.

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There are plenty of panic apps that enable users to alert their contacts if they are in trouble. But launching an app to send out an alert is cumbersome and indiscreet, especially in stressful situations. Now, Wearsafe has created a wearable device that links to users’ smartphones, which will send out distress signals with one push.

The Wearsafe Tag is a Bluetooth-connected device that pairs with a smartphone and a companion app. When the button is pressed, it notifies a selected network of friends and family, who instantly receive an alert through email, text and their Wearsafe app. The app sends audio from the situation, and starts a group chat so the network can see where the person in distress is from their GPS information. The Wearsafe Rewind feature also automatically records audio, so the network can hear the last 60-seconds of recording before the alert is sent.


Wearsafe recently received investment from sportswear manufacturers Yogasmoga, and the pair believe they can integrate the device into sports clothing, creating a hassle-free wearable that can keep users safe. The developers have also suggested that the technology may be useful for deaf or disabled users, who may struggle to explain what has happened in an emergency situation.

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