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One more music festival phone charger

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The ink had just barely dried (so to speak) on our stories about Orange’s wind- and dance-powered phone chargers at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival when one of our spotters came across yet another eco-friendly phone charger from yet another cellular company at yet another summer music festival. This time it was at last weekend’s O2 Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park, where attendees were given the chance to power up their mobile phones using O2 pedal power, a system that generates green energy on-site when users simply pedal a bicycle. Ten bespoke BMX and Chopper bikes were situated at various points across the O2 Wireless Festival site, fixed to the ground and designed specifically to generate enough energy to help recharge a mobile phone handset. The initiative was backed by many of the artists who played in the festival, and was the first of its kind to be introduced to the UK music festival scene, O2 says. No word on whether they plan ultimately to sell the technology to the bicyclist market at large. Can there ever be too much summer-music-festival-eco-phone-charging free love…? Let the trend continue! 😉 Spotted by: SmartPlanet via RK



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