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One-stop shop for transumers: Fractional Life

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Transumers are consumers driven by experiences instead of possessions. For those seeking to free themselves from the hassles of permanent ownership, fractional ownership is a logical choice. We’ve covered various examples of this trend on Springwise, from handbag subscriptions to supercar sharing. With more and more opportunities for leasing and other forms of partial or temporary ownership, it’s no surprise that someone decided to create a web portal for ‘everything fractional’. British Fractional Life offers consumers an extensive overview of companies that offer asset sharing schemes. The website’s categories read like a summary of life’s spendy pleasures: from fine wines and racehorses to classic cars and helicopters, all of which are available in shares or time-slots. As Fractional Life explains, fractional ownership and asset-sharing let consumers get the most out of their investment by purchasing only the shares or time they require, leaving money free for purchasing as many experiences as possible. The portal aims to help consumers make well-informed decisions and find the ‘global lifestyle experiences’ that best fit their desires. Want a piece of the fractional pie? Start an agency that will run a family’s entire collection of partial ownerships, making sure the yacht gets back to the harbor on time, tracking how many handbag rentals are left this year, and knowing which races the horse will be running this season. For a healthy fractional fee, of course 😉 For an extended look at what’s driving transumers and how companies are catering to them, check out’s transumers briefing. Contact: Piers Brown,



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