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Virtual portal gives patients remote access to healthcare services

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Regular readers of Springwise will be familiar with innovative services such as those offered by Hello Health and Carena, who are currently utilizing webcams to offer “house calls” remotely. In a similar vein, One Medical have taken on the idea of web-based healthcare services and applied it not only to house calls, but to a full range of medical services. One Medical’s online portal enables patients to access their personal health records, renew prescriptions, schedule appointments and fill out medical forms — all remotely. There is also the option to contact a physician for follow-up advice and referrals, as well as the ability to books same-day appointments. As part of the offline care, the service offers longer appointments, claiming that this will improve doctor-patient relations, and they promise to respect patients’ schedules by always meeting appointment times. There are currently five hospitals in San Francisco, and two in New York, with a third coming soon. Remote access can help save time and money for both doctors and patients alike. Healthcare service that haven’t gone online yet, don’t get left behind! (Related: Online service takes the pain out of health insurance claimsWaiting-room service lets patients pass the time elsewhere.)



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