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Online employee morality tests

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US-based startup has developed a new pre-employment test that measures the trustworthiness of prospective employees.

Hiring is crucial to the success of any business. And we have written about several startups who help businesses with the difficult process. Amongst them, this UK based startup uses personality analysis algorithms to suggest how well potential recruits will fit a team, as well as this voice-changing recruitment tool which aims to prevent those recruiting from being victim to their unconscious bias. Now, Veris Benchmarks has created what it’s calling the first ‘evidence based Professional Trust Assessment’, a tool which allows employers to assess the moral fiber of their prospective employees.

Veris Prime is a free online test that anyone can take which consists of 40 multiple choice questions. The test is essentially a tool for pre-employment assessments, and helps employers determine whether a potential hire might compromise a company’s reputation by engaging errant behavior. The test takes 15 minutes to complete and results can be viewed instantly. During the course of the product development, Veris sent its Chief Scientist, Dr. George Paajanen Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert in the area of psychometrics, into the American prison system to build a test that identifies the character traits that manifest in currently incarcerated white collar felons. Through their research, the company have identified eight personality traits that differentiate business professionals who are more likely to engage in irresponsible behavior from those who do not, amongst them sincerity, accountability and conscientiousness.

The idea is to support companies to develop a hiring process which helps protect its image and reputation. Could the same technology be used by incarceration facilities?




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