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Online fashion store creates collections based on customers' designs


Cut On Your Bias is an online fashion store that encourages consumers to help design their new collections.

Recently we saw Denmark-based MUUSE enabling its users to vote on their favorite design concepts from top fashion schools in order to bring them into production. Now we’ve come across Cut On Your Bias, an online fashion store that goes a step further by asking consumers to help design their new collections. Located in New York, the startup has already begun working with designers such as Carlos Campos and Inigo Elizalde, who have provided initial ideas for products ranging from clothes to home accessories. Cut On Your Bias encourages users to customize these designs, choosing from a range of different materials, colors and cuts. Following a public vote, the most popular customized design will go into production and become available as a limited edition collection on the site, while users who voted for the winning design will receive a 25 percent discount on the final price. The site is updated with a new collection each week and voting cycles close every Sunday at midnight. The video below explains a bit more about the process:
We’ve seen crowdsourced fashion design before when we covered Velvet Brigade, but Cut On Your Bias differs in that it provides the public with a template to work with before they are allowed to design, ensuring a degree of quality control. At present, the online store only ships inside the US. One to emulate in your part of the world? Spotted by: Louis Monoyudis



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