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Online gaming system

Online gaming system provides a fun new way to work up a sweat

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Online gaming makes getting a workout fun, allowing people to compete on a leaderboard and play online games with others that mimic real-life motions.

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No more staring at a wall, trying to maintain the motivation to get through a workout. SymGym Studio’s new online gaming system with resistance provides a fun new way to work up a sweat. Full body controllers use independent arm bars and foot pedals to mimic real-life motions such as pedaling, running, jumping, pushing and pulling. Because they are completely independent of each other, the resistance can vary greatly, as per the game’s requirements and the user’s ability.

Players can track the amount of calories burned, power output and their progress over time, as well as compete against others over scores and statistics. The first studio is planned to open in 2017, and the SymGym team is working with developers to provide a regularly updated menu of games. Sessions are likely to cost USD 15, with a monthly membership available after launch.

Online gaming is working to expand its reach, both in terms of diversity of audience and accessibility. This platform encourages players to make microfinance donations to entrepreneurs and developers, and this app streams PC virtual reality games to a mobile headset. How else could gaming be used for social good?



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