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Online order tracking tool for gift recipients


Slice enables those receiving gifts from friends to track the delivery progress of their present from online retailers.

Slice is a California-based company that enables customers to view, track and organize their online purchases from different retailers, in one place for free. For the Christmas season they have launched an additional “Track with Friends” feature that allows users to send personalized notifications to gift-recipients, so those with gifts on the way can track their present without knowing what it is or how much it cost. To access the feature in their web broswer or iPhone, Slice users go to the “Track Shipments” feature within their Slice account, or use the “All My Purchases” application in Yahoo! Mail. The “Track With A Friend” button presents a choice of themes to reflect the occasion — for example, Christmas or birthday — and users can add a personal message. They then select whether to reveal the item, price and merchant or can choose to hide these details. Tracking number, estimated arrival date and location updates marked on map let recipients know when to expect their gift. Over the years we’ve featured a huge range of ideas to make online shopping easier and more convenient. As more and more people come to shop online, how else can businesses help out when it comes to gift-giving?



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