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Online platform gamifies shopping for high-end gadgets


The latest tech and lifestyle gadgets are available at discounted prices on a gaming inspired online shopping platform

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Slidr, a UK based Lebanese startup, is a new platform for online shopping. Launched in 2017, it offers shoppers tech and lifestyle products at prices that are lower than retail. With unique prices on offer for a short amount of time – only 15 seconds – Slidr gamifies the shopping experience.

Users earn 15 credits for free once they sign up to Slidr. With their credits, users can slide on the products they want to buy. After sliding, a price for the product is revealed. However, users only have 15 seconds to decide whether they wish to purchase the item after seeing its cost. If a user chooses to leave the purchase, they can slide on the item again at a later time. The price of the item may reduce further but the user has to spend more credits to find out.

Slidr has a unique crowd-discounting pricing model – the more users slide on an item, the more the price will lower. It does this using a proprietary algorithm which lowers the item’s price each time a user slides on the item. Its prices are lower than the high street and brand websites, and it provides a fun way to shop. Every product sold has UK warranty and is brand new. Additionally, Slidr offers free shipping for every order.

Other companies that are innovating the online retail experience include a browser plugin that automatically adds ingredients from online recipes to a users shopping cart. Another is an e-commerce platform that allows customers to create bespoke clothing. Slidr appeals strongly to the gaming generation and to those on the hunt for discounted prices. It challenges the need to visit physical stores because of its uniquely low prices, and it competes with other online stores with its unique gaming experience.  What other industries and services could benefit from a crowd discounting model?



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