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Online quote and booking service simplifies lawn care

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Texas startup Robin, an online booking platform and app, makes finding and booking regular lawn and yard care easy, from quotes to scheduling and payment.

Frustrated by the amount of time it took to find, book and pay a reliable lawn mowing service, Robin founders created a simpler method. Homeowners answer a few questions to receive an online quote based on size of yard, frequency of visits and any extra work needed. Once payment has been taken, Robin contracts local, reliable lawn care companies to provide the service.

As well as providing responsive, app-based customer service, Robin also helps small companies. Lawn care business owners use Robin’s online booking and scheduling system to more quickly and efficiently manage their work. And while Robin is exploring the use of robotic lawn mowers, human contractors would still have work. Companies would lease a mower for basic mowing duties, while human teams manage the more complex tasks of trimming, weeding and fertilizing.

Multi-tasking is an interesting business angle, and recent examples include lawn-mowing postal workers in Finland and product testing that provides a public service in Brazil. How else could regular chores be made more efficient and or enjoyable?



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