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Online ratings turned into one reputation score

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Platform gives users one reliable, shareable ‘trustworthiness’ rating based on all of their online P2P accounts.

The anonymity of the online world can provoke a lack of trust in both vendors and buyers. Positive ratings and reviews can make all the difference, but until now these have been confined to individual e-commerce platforms, meaning newcomers have to start from scratch on each new site. Deemly aims to fix this by enabling users to consolidate all of their scores into one reliable, shareable ‘trustworthiness’ rating.

To begin, users create a profile and connect it to their existing accounts — including P2P marketplaces such as Airbnb. Then, Deemly calculates an overall score between 1-100 using a unique algorithm, developed in collaboration with a statistician. Deemly takes into account factors such as how recently a score was given and assigns weighting accordingly. Newcomers can then use their Deemly score to vouch for their reputation when using new services.


In the future, Deemly scores could be used in other fields such as in job applications, banking and dating. We have already seen Israeli social network PersonalHeroes reward good deeds online with kindness points. Are there any other positive characteristics, which could be leveraged online?




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