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Online service makes appointments and reservations on user's behalf

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Reserverr is a free online service that can make appointments and reservations on a user's behalf, including booking hotel rooms.

Scheduling and confirming appointments is typically a tiresome chore, and we’ve already seen Lifebooker and ZocDoc spring up with solutions designed to simplify the process. Now throwing its own hat into the proverbial ring is Reserverr, a free online service that can make appointments and reservations on a user’s behalf, including booking hotel rooms. Currently gearing up for a launch into private beta later this month, according to its Facebook page, Reserverr aims to speed up and simplify the booking process for busy people. When users want to set up an appointment, they begin by entering the time and place they have in mind, along with the venue’s contact information. Reserverr then takes care of contacting the establishment for the appointment, and reports back to the user via email, SMS or phone as to whether the appointment was successfully made. Confirmation is then made with a real human being. Consumers’ pain can be entrepreneurs’ gain, as always, and anything that helps cut through red tape to make life easier stands a good chance of receiving a warm welcome. One to help regionalize for other parts of the world?



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