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Online shoppers get opinions from social media friends


Askourt integrates with e-commerce platforms, and lets shoppers ask for opinion of friends on social media without leaving the site.

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Online retailers are using more and more new tech to make the most of customers’ affinity for social media, and we saw this with a keyboard plugin that lets sellers easily communicate with buyers across a number of messaging apps. Now, a new platform is helping e-commerce platforms tap into the power of peer recommendations.

Askourt is integrated into web shops and apps from the backend so that shoppers don’t need to download any plugins or apps. The software identifies shoppers that are likely to leave without completing a purchase, and will offer a chat box with an e-commerce employee. Users will also have the option of sending images of the product to social media contacts via Whatsapp or Facebook, who can vote to buy or leave. These contacts receive links to the online retail site, and sellers benefit from directed traffic and a range of data analytics.

Askourt offers a selection of subscription packages tailored to businesses from USD 25-699 per month. Could similar social media-led approaches be used for holiday planning and other services?



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