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Online auction for experiences

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Online auctions for goods are plentiful, thanks to eBay and all the others it has inspired. It was only a matter of time before experiences got an auction of their very own. To be fair, American Express tried out an auction for experiences a few years ago that was known as Blue Play, but that’s since been disbanded. Instead, we now have Sweemo, a brand-new UK-based site that allows users to buy, sell, swap and request exciting experiences—or “sweet moments,” after which it’s named. Sweemo lets those with access to exclusive experiences open those experiences up to everyone, connectinge—as the site puts it—”those who have with those who want to.” Experiences are listed in five main categories—entertainment, adrenaline, lifestyle, travel and groups—and they range from a beauty makeover with TV presenter Sarah Cawood (priced starting at GBP 56) to a day of extreme speed sailing on the Hugo Boss for GBP 12,000. Shopping for experiences is free, and users get a profile page where they can track details about experiences that have interested them as well as leave comments and rate experiences they have already won. For those with experiences to offer, listing fees are based on the starting price and begin at GBP 1.50; closing fees range from 1.5 percent to 5 percent of the final selling price. Sellers can also rate those who have bought from them. Jay Nguyen, managing director of Sweemo, explains: “Sweemo gives everyone the opportunity to access special experiences that simply aren’t available in any other marketplace. We are motivating and inspiring people to recognise the incredible experiences within their own lives and making them available to others. They can be weird, wild or wonderful—so long as they can be enjoyed.” Yet another business idea that should appeal to consumers who are driven by experiences, also known as transumers. (Related: Experience stores.) Spotted by: Brand Republic via Alice Feith



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