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Onsite haircuts and dentistry

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Springwise has a weakness for new business ideas on wheels, bringing the goods or even the 'production facility' to the office or home. This month: onsite dentists and mobile hairdressers.

Catering to office workers (read: moneyed professionals stuck in office parks) is hot, and we think Onsite HairCuts is a great example. Their slogan: “Need a quality haircut but don’t have time to waste? We bring the salon to you!” Imagine a mobile salon (the company owns three converted Winnebagos) showing up at corporate parking lots in the Valley, welcoming employees from companies like Cisco, eBay, EA, Genentech, Google, NVIDIA, and Yahoo! who have booked their appointment online. At some stops, the salon is open to the general public, too. And while we’re at it: CA’s Onsite Dentist (“We make going to the dentist easy”), who also caters to office workers too busy to leave their cubicles for too long, warrants your attention as well. It’s a pop-up world out there.


Springwise has a weakness for new business ideas on wheels (three in this edition alone!), bringing the goods or even the ‘production facility’ to the office or home, as they neatly capitalize on the ongoing convenience trend (or the trend of squeezing more productivity out of employees ;-). Fact is that office parks offer a captive and sophisticated audience, and that these days, there are very few services that can’t be built into a van! Who’s next?


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