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Airbnb for outdoor advertising marketplace

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Billboard Bazaar creates listings where advertisers can contact those with outdoor spaces without the need for agents.

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Sites like Zillow have been credited with bringing transparency to the real estate market by making local housing prices and estate agent info accessible. Following its transparency agenda is Billboard Bazaar, who are aiming to similarly transform the Out Of Home (OOH) advertising market.

Billboard Bazaar provides a cloud-based database that allows owners of potential OOH advertising space to list their property and its value in an open platform marketplace. Advertisers can then approach owners directly, offering a fair price to buy or rent by comparing what others are paying for similar geographic locations. Creating a single platform for buyers and sellers removes agents fees, allowing small budget local advertisers the same access to these spaces.

With almost any OOH space becoming a potential marketing platform, Billboard Bazaar believes the increased competition could reduce advertising costs by 30 percent over the coming years. Could users donate their outdoor advertising spaces for charitable causes?



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