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Operating system boosts capacities of pilot-controlled robots


Company offers modern alternative to legacy controllers that increases task execution in hostile environments.

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Robots provide a means to explore hazardous or uninhabitable environments, whilst retaining the reasoning powers of their human operator. Previously, we’ve come across the TILT Ranger; a drone that navigates underground spaces autonomously. Another example is an autonomous marine vessel called Datamarans, which collects mass ocean data for research.

The Olis Master Controller, by Olis Robotics, is a new manipulator control system that amplifies the precision, workflow and efficiency of service robots in demanding subsea environments. By making a digital replica of its physical surroundings, the controller vastly improves the pilot’s ability to make rapid, data-driven decisions. Technicians can easily carry out error checks, set baud rates and calibrate sensors using the digital twin. Other features include: quick function selection via touch screen or gamepad, preset position settings, and assistive controls. It is also latency/bandwidth tolerant, meaning it can toggle between local (ship-based) and remote (control center) piloting.

Olis’ software offers variable levels of autonomy and machine learning so that robots may ‘learn’ with data on-the-go. This also allows the pilot to balance the intricacy of a task with the degree of risk inherent in the remote robotic operation scenario. Olis can be integrated into any robotic system from piloted to fully autonomous, and opens doors for robotic telework in land, space and defense settings.




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