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SEO artificial intelligence could boost webpage ranking

Work & Lifestyle uses an algorithm that suggests the most searchable keywords, helping developers optimize their sites for better ranking.

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As search engine rankings become evermore important, companies are hiring costly SEO specialists to help their sites gain more exposure and click-throughs. But for smaller startups that cannot afford to hire someone, could offer an affordable alternative. The subscription platform aims to help web developers make their sites more searchable.

webpagely-AI-SEO-Canada-2 uses an algorithm that learns how to boost contextual webpage content over time. It analyzes visitor search behavior and page rankings to suggest keywords that enable developers to produce higher-impact SEO content. While suggestions are made by the artificial intelligence, users will still have the final say by approving content for their website. Still in pre-beta, is currently available for subscription at USD 54 for a four-month period.

We have already seen AI software being used in the workplace for a variety of functions, from writing personalized emails to hiring the best team fit. How else could artificial intelligence optimize workflow?



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