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Oral care drink

Oral care drink lowers the risk of tooth decay

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A non acidic drink has been developed to maintain a level of pH7 to help avoid tooth decay.

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Canada-based startup DoseBiome has created Qii, an all-natural tea drink that has been scientifically proven to help improve oral health. When teeth are exposed to acids it can cause erosion of the enamel, which has a critical pH level of 5.5. The pH from beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices and bottled teas contain a much lower pH point so products maintain flavour, texture and improve shelf life. Qii is different as it is formulated to have a shelf-stable pH of 7 – Qii translates as seven in Mandarin – so it contributes to a neutral, non-acidic oral environment.

Available in green tea and oolong tea flavours, Qii contains XyVita ­– a xylitol formulation that has a sweet profile. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is non-fermentable by the caries-causing bacteria. This means that unlike other common sugars used in foods and drinks, XyVita is tooth-friendly and does not promote the development of cavities. The drink has also been regulated as a dietary supplement by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

New approaches and innovations have impacted the oral hygeien industry in recent months, with squid ink found to help dentists detect gum disease and a recyclable, battery-free electric toothbrush coming into the market. How could you incorporate new approaches to old routines?



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