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In Ottawa, a taxi service just for kids

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Fleurette Kids Taxi is a new service in Canada's Ottawa region focused entirely on transporting children.

If kids can have a bus service dedicated entirely to their needs, it only stands to reason that a specialized taxi can’t be far behind. Enter Fleurette Kids Taxi, a service in Canada’s Ottawa region focused entirely on transporting children. Targeting the Ottawa-Gatineau area of Canada’s capital region, Fleurette Kids Taxi is the brainchild of a certified early childhood educator and mother of two. Aiming to provide a reliable transportation service when parents cannot, Fleurette promises not only to bring kids from one activity to another throughout a busy day, but also to stay with them as needed. In fact, the company even offers to recommend ideas for parents seeking activity suggestions. The company’s proprietor explains: “I have seen first-hand the challenges parents face in balancing their busy schedules and transporting their kids to after school activities, visiting friends, parties or just needing someone to stay with them during such times. After talking to a number of parents and having experienced it in my own life, I realized the need for a solution towards this problem – this is why I started Fleurette Kids Taxi.” Parents may be increasingly strapped for time, but kids’ daily activities remain just as busy as always. Time to offer stressed-out parents in your area a little transportation help? Website Spotted by: Murray Orange



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