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B2B ‘reuse and recycle’ scheme comes to London

Modeled on the increasingly popular Freecycle concept, which aims to keep usable items out of landfill by matching unwanted goods with individuals who can use them, eco-conscious London law firm Olswang and local interest group inmidtown have recently launched a version for the local business community, aptly named The initiative plans to create an online directory whereby any business in the district, from restaurants to offices, can post their unwanted but usable equipment, computers, furniture and books. Other local businesses in the market for such items can then search the directory and offer to take the items off their original owners’ hands. Not only does the environment benefit, but the scheme hopes to save businesses thousands of pounds in waste disposal and procurement costs, while forging closer ties among the local business community. Last year Olswang recycled an impressive 99% of its waste, setting an example for other companies in the area. As we’ve seen with WindMade recently, eco-friendliness is becoming an increasingly influential factor in consumer purchase decisions. Groups and individuals around the world are finding new solutions to the problem of waste, and there seems no end to what can be reused and recycled, from industrial waste, surfboards, jewellery and even cardboard boxes. As the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. What niche could you tap into to offer a similar freecycle platform? Spotted by: Alice Revel



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