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Green transport | Photo source Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Pakistan eradicates transport emissions with bio-methane


A public transport initiative goes fully emission-free with an unusual new source for fuel.


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Spotted: Springwise has already covered various sustainable forms of public transport, from electric taxis to travel subscription services. Now the Pakistani city of Karachi will benefit from zero-emission public transport.

The Green Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network will include 200 buses, all fuelled by bio-methane — essentially, cow dung. The raw materials for this fuel comes from 400,000 buffaloes in the area. Funded by the Green Climate Fund to an amount of €44 million ($49 million) out of a total cost of €526 million ($583.5 million), the network will therefore eradicate pollution emissions that damage the environment. Not only is the new network greener, but it is also cheaper. They estimate it will cater to 320,000 passengers daily. It will also help to reduce planet-warming emissions by 2.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over 30 years.

The BRT aims to cover a 30 kilometre transport corridor that will benefit 1.5 million residents. It will add 25 new bus stations, safer pedestrian crossings, and bike-sharing facilities, to name but a few new features. The project also helps to prevent 3,200 tonnes of cow manure polluting the ocean every day. 50,000 gallons of fresh water will also be saved, as it was previously used to wash the waste in the ocean bay.

The buses will integrate in stages, becoming fully active in 2020. It is doubtful however, whether 200 buses are enough to support the city’s already struggling public transport needs. Yet in tackling such a large and integral network, the environmental benefits could be huge.



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