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Pantry box for offices connects to pay-as-you-eat app

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A smart store kiosk monitors demand and automatically charges the associated credit card when an item is taken.

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We have seen an increase in innovations trying to make workspaces more efficient and sustainable, such as an intelligent waste bin capable of separating recyclable on site, and workstations designed to let offices be curated as needed. Now, Bodega is trying to cater to the needs of people who don’t have a convenience store nearby, eliminating the need for long journeys to the nearest shop. Bodega is a smart pantry box filled with non-perishable items. Users can connect to the five feet wide box using an affiliated app, which links to their credit or debit card, type in the three-digit Bodega password and the pantry opens.

Smart technology means the pantry ‘knows’ what item has been taken thank to built-in cameras, and restocks accordingly. The small, automated stores even collate data on what products are most popular in the office, campus or apartment it is situated in so similar stock can be added to its remit. For example, one particular office could have an overall sweet tooth, so more sugary treats could be ordered to meet the demand.

There are currently 30 Bodegas distributed around New York. This level of convenience is wanted by the modern day demanding consumer, with the Chinese creation of a 24-hour unmanned store ringing similar bells. A simplified retail experience will always be popular, much like the Bodega, even down to getting your feet measured instantly with the latest technology. What innovations have made your shopping experiences easier?

Update: This company has now updated its name to Stockwell.



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