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AR catalogue

Paper catalogue can connect to digital devices


A new paper catalogue connects to digital devices to deliver an AR experience.

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Despite the rise of digital technology, there are still many advantages to paper catalogues. Now, a Portuguese start-up is combining digital and print catalogues to give businesses and consumers the best of both worlds. Magik Book is a physical catalogue that links to digital devices. As the pages are turned, a smartphone or tablet responds with synchronised videos, animations, music, images, or interactive models. The Magik Book is designed as a marketing tool for luxury products and high-end brands such as automobiles, jewelery and hotel stays.

The catalogue folds out into a stand, which angles the device towards the user while the book itself lays flat. Each catalogue comes with a custom-designed app which shows content tailored to each page of the book. Viewers can gain the tactile satisfaction of holding a physical object, while also viewing an augmented reality experience. According to Hugo Ribeiro, founder of Magik Book, the catalogue sets itself apart as a marketing tool. It combines physical and digital, traditional and contemporary, to create “a more personal and memorable customer experience”. The Magik Book apps are tailor-made for each client. They can include media, such as panoramic photos and interactive videos, or tools such as a click-to-buy option or an email update registration. The tech does not require any batteries or pairing, and is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Magik Book has also recently announced the launch of an online platform called the Magik Book Creator. This will allow SME businesses to design their own catalogues. It will also allow them to upload their own digital content to synchronise with each page. This combination of digital and physical fits in with a number of recent innovations that aim to bring augmented reality into the retail space. These include an in-store AR experience and an AR display screen. Will all catalogues now be moving to use AR?




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