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For USD 60 a year, magazine delivers monthly works of art

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The subscription model continues to gain popularity among convenience-minded consumers. However, it’s rare that we see the concept applied to more high-minded goods. Now, however, Papirmasse is a venture from Canada that delivers 12 pieces of art throughout the year for just USD 60. Each month, Montreal-based Papirmasse chooses a new, emerging artist to feature and asks that person to design a print for one of its upcoming issues. On the issue’s backside, meanwhile, it prints a short story, essay, graphic novel excerpt or poem. The result is “a magazine, piece of art, and social experiment all rolled into one,” in the site’s own words. Each issue is printed on archival paper in varying sizes and formats. Subscriptions are sold on a yearly basis for USD 60 so as to keep costs low; back issues are available as well. From open source magazines to periodicals presented on audio LP, it’s clearly an era of experimentation in the publishing industry. The incorporation of original, affordable art, meanwhile, adds a compelling twist. One to watch! (Related: Limited-edition art by yearly subscriptionOriginal art, priced for all.) Spotted by: RP



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