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In Paris, store supports and promotes Italian anti-Mafia co-ops


Ethicando, a new store in the French capital, is raising awareness about the impact of organized crime in Italian communities by selling goods sourced from land seized from criminal gangs.

An increased focus on social responsibility in recent times has lead to the creation of a number of ethically-minded startups, such as the US-based Blue State Coffee and its community-directed fundraising, focusing on their immediate surroundings. Now Ethicando, a new store in Paris, is raising awareness about the impact of organized crime in Italian communities. The outlet, located in the Canal Saint Martin district of the French capital, acts as a showcase for the efforts of those fighting back against the Mafia in Italy by stocking products made by social co-operatives using land confiscated from criminal gangs. Selling Fairtrade consumables — wine, beer, olive oil, preserves and chocolate, among others — clothing, and design, Ethicando aims to support anti-Mafia co-operatives run by young people in troubled areas of Italy, former detainees reintegrating back into society and unemployed women. The store has partnered with organizations such as Libera Terra, which takes hold of land seized from the Cosa Nostra, Goel, a co-operative based in Calabria, and Made In Jail, which aims to help reform criminals currently incarcerated. The store opened in March and is currently hosting events that will raise awareness of the damage criminal activity causes to communities in Italy. The Ethicando store both supports a good cause and spreads the word about an issue that may not be in the popular consciousness. An idea to replicate for an unsung cause in your area? Spotted by: Lamia Aloui



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