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AR pastry plays music | Photo source Fancycrave on Unsplash

Cake connects to AR app to play a custom song or message

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A record-shaped cake uses an AR app that allows the consumer to choose a customizable song or message.

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La Famille – a confectionery based in Takamatsu, Japan – have put an innovative twist on the German baumkuchen (baum cake). Baum cakes have a dark chocolate and black cocoa base and are a very popular dessert in Japan. La Famille’s creation, ‘Baum Records’, is a record-shaped dessert that can play a customizable song or message. A successful crowdfunding campaign secured the products commercial launch in Japan.

Baum Records works by connecting to COCOAR2, a free augmented reality app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. Once consumers download the app, and hold their smartphone over the dessert, an image of a spinning baum record appears. Users can then select a customized song or create a personalized message to accompany their baum cake. The cake is priced at 1,800 YEN and comes with a lyrics card. La Famille’s AR feature transforms the timeless chocolate cake into more than a dessert, adding an element of entertainment. As well as entertaining the consumer, the custom recordings are a fun way to send a card to say congratulations or wish someone a happy birthday.

Here at Springwise, we have published many innovations that use smart technology to improve the way consumers interact with food. Whether it’s ordering food, preparing food or the actual eating experience itself, smart technology is transforming the food industry. One example from Qatar and the US is artificial intelligence that can suggest recipes based on images of food. Using a deep-learning algorithm, this technology can predict the ingredients used in a meal from only a photo. Another innovation from the US is an app that uses Snapchat to create augmented reality images of restaurant food. It allows customers to preview a virtual menu before deciding what food to order. How else can smart technology create a more immersive and entertaining eating experience?



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